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Use the following form link or email to send your comments or suggestion to further improve this application. Currently a new update AstrPro 2.6 is under review at iTunes that will fix the device specific run time exception reported on our recent update AstroPro 2.5 for iOS devices with iOS 6.1 and higher. This will be available to download in weeks time. Thank you very much for your patience and support.


Please note that run time errors are unique and depends upon the type of device, OS as well as the way users interact with the applications and often slip through and undetectable during normal testing procedures. Therefore it is very important to notify us on such issues giving details of your device model/make with screen shots or circumstances under which run time exceptions occurred. We will send our response as soon as possible along with possible updates fixing those run time exceptions. We can also work with you until issues are resolved. This is how we continuously improve with your help that benefits all users as well. We are committed for your complete satisfaction and your help and cooperation in this regard is highly appreciated.

Download complimentary AstroLite app to make sure your device is compatible and work satisfactorily with all current versions.

Kaup Shenoy Associates

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