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A guide to Vedic Almanac
with Astrological Features.

Unveils the power of Vedic astronomy for a successful, peaceful, and spiritual life. Every species in this earth follows certain hidden rule of the nature in creation, development and destruction with respect to time. However, humans tend to become arrhythmic more often than any other species, only to encounter more miseries in life. Here is a tool to guide your instinct and to do things when time is right.

2017, Aug 21st Total Solar Eclipse:
A total solar eclipse was watched across United States from Western seaboard to Eastern seaboard covering 10 states. AstroPro PC, Window's 10 UWP, iOS, Android app provides this model that gives the magnitude and timing with its Topo-centric coordinates (Altitude and Azimuth) for local observation. This would also in a way to validate the math models provided in AstroPro app by physically verifying the results. Accordingly app simulation results of different US cities are compiled and shown here in a pdf file with eclipse data for reference.