Calendar for Hindu Festivals




United Kingdom






Hindu festivals are reckoned based on the tithi or nakshatras some time even both. By definition, the tithi that is current upon Sunrise is the tithi of the day for the given place so as the festivals. Therefore, the calendar of festivals for the above countries is listed based on a reference place (capital/major city) of that country as a guide.
However, as per Hindu tradition, one has to observe based on the actual tithi that is current in any given place. That is why many times in US we get to celebrate festivals day earlier than India because of 10 hr time difference day's tithi in US has already transitioned to the next compared to day's tithi in India at Sunrise time.

There are few exceptions to the above rule such as Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi and Sankashti chaturthi where tithi should also be current upon Moonrise as given below.

For Janmashtami, some time it is day earlier if the tithi changes before the Moonrise for the day. Technically, the day of pooja rituals is at night just after rise of 8th day moon after full-moon in the month of Shravana.

For Ganesh chaturthi, rise of 4th day moon is the main criteria for actual pooja ritual fasting etc rather than just 4th tithi after new moon in the month of Bhadrapada. Similarly for Sankashti rise of 4th day moon after full moon each month is the main criteria.
Therefore, please recognize this fact if you notice differences with other almanacs and it can change depending upon different time zones.